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Write an Essay in German

How to Write an Essay in German

When teachers ask to write a German essay, most students would write it in English. And then, they would later translate it to German using Google translate and other translating software. Are you one of these students? If so, then that is bad news. You are doing it very wrong and just writing a cheap essay without doing any prior research, and you are bound to fail. In order to succeed, you must know how to properly write a German ...
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Brain Hacks to Learn a Language Fast

There were times you gave up on learning a new language in the past. This could be because you were not as fluent as you would have liked to, or maybe you felt like you were not making any progress. Below are a few brain hacks that will help you learn a language fast. Take Brain Supplements There are some like OptiMind Review: Does It Really Work? Is it Safe? Worth it? which worth testing. Brain supplements will provide your body with ...
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How Germany Is Contributing to the War On Waste

Did you know that Germany collects more packaging waste compared to other EU countries? Yes, they do despite being globally recognized for being environmentally cautious. Initially, Germany operated using the first uniform waste disposal law, the Waste Disposal Act (1972). The Act has undergone rigorous amendments. Now, they are using the Waste Management Act. The shift to Waste management from Waste Disposal Dumpster rental Ashland KY‘s research shows that Waste management has been continuously changing. Waste management involves an authentic ...
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first electric fan

How German Creator Philip Diehl Made the First Ceiling Fan

Every appliance in use today was once an idea, and ceiling fans, some of the world’s handiest household appliances, aren’t an exception. The idea behind the conception of ceiling fans first originated from Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. His was just a rotary fan with seven wheels that was run manually. A few years after Schuyler invented a rotary fan, Philip Diehl made some improvements on it, and that’s how the modern ceiling SPIN FAN was born. Schuyler’s idea wasn’t ripe enough, ...
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Legal or Illegal: Facts that You Need to Know About Cannabis in Germany

Cannabis plays an important role in the medical field. However, there are still some countries that do not welcome cannabis use even in the medical field. However, there are some countries like Germany that consider cannabis as an illegal drug but offers several exceptions for its use. People are now confused as to when you can say that it is legal or illegal to take CBD Oil. Drug laws in Germany consider cannabis as illegal. But oftentimes, offenders are released ...
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